Our Structure


María Antonieta Ixcoteyac Velásquez, a PhD in social investigation, is the Director of INEPAS. It is her vision, devotion and experience that make INEPAS such an effective institution today.


Message from María Antonieta:

“INEPAS came into existence in response to the evident problems with the Guatemalan educational system. Faced with severe socio-economic limitations, it does not meet the basic educational needs of the student population. The high levels of illiteracy, poverty, and lack of opportunity for personal development have a fundamental effect on children and teenagers throughout rural regions of Guatemala. This situation severely limits the vision of an economic growth with equality, especially in today’s global environment, which is increasingly competitive and demands highly qualified human resources.

In order to attain economic resources to fund social projects that would improve this situation, INEPAS decided to create a Spanish Language Department, aimed at foreign students who want to learn the Spanish language.

For me, as a social worker, INEPAS represents an opportunity to support the children and families of different communities in the rural areas of Guatemala in their struggle to achieve a better quality of life.

At the same time I greatly appreciate the solidarity and participation of all the INEPAS volunteers and collaborators around the world whose time and experience have also contributed to the development and growth of our institution.”

International Co-ordination Assistant

Supports the General Co-ordinator with various tasks, but takes specific responsibility for the promotion of the Spanish Language School overseas…


Spanish Teachers

All our teachers are qualified Guatemalans with a recognized teaching certificate and are familiar with the needs of students who are new to learning a language. They are knowledgeable about national and international issues and either have, or are currently studying for, a University degree.



Volunteers can support us in many different ways, be it in the Spanish Language or Social Aid Departments (or in some cases both). Please see the Volunteer Work page for more information.


International Collaborators

Message from Belen Garcia Amor:

“I worked with INEPAS for nine months as the International Co-ordinator. It’s difficult to describe in a few words such an amazing experience. During my time there, I realized how much can be achieved with vision and effort. INEPAS carries out incredible social work in the indigenous communities around Quetzaltenango. The experience offered me the opportunity to get to know these communities, and to understand and live in their reality. It is because of these people that I continue to give my support to INEPAS as an International Collaborator.”

Board of Directors

Depending on their profession and availability, members of the Board of Directors also participate in the work of INEPAS. The Board includes social workers, engineers and a lawyer so that advice in their respective professions is always available.