Program and Accommodation Prices

How the system works: choose an option below, from either the Language Immersion Program, the Service Learning Program, the Specialized/Thematic Program or the Free Spanish Program. Then, choose an accommodation option. Add the prices together to calculate the overall. That will be paid weekly.

  • Prices are calculated in local currency (quetzals).
  • The conversion in US dollars is given as a guide only.
  • The exchange rate used in our web page is 7.7 Q/US$.
  • Prices in US dollars are subject to change, according to the price of the quetzal (local currency) against the dollar.
  • Preferably must pay before classes start, every week.

Ask about our special prices if you pay in advance at least 4 weeks of classes!


The Language Immersion Program

Course Type Price
Course One– Four hours daily (20 hours per week) Q.1,050.00
Course Two– Five hours daily (25 hours per week)
Most chosen course
Course Three– Seven hours daily (35 hours per week) Q.1,400.00
Course Four– Eight hours daily (40 hours per week) Q.1,560.00


The Service Learning Program

Course Type Price
Week One– (25 hours of classes plus training) Q.1,550.00
Week Two– (25 hours of classes plus training) Q.1,550.00
Week Three, Four…etc.– (25 hours of classes plus voluntary work) Q.1,150.00

Note: Due to the special attention given to the Service Learning student on behalf of the administration and to cover various costs, such as conference speakers and the transport to and from the rural community, each week of training has an extra cost of $ 50.00. Once the student has completed the two-week training period they are ready to commence their voluntary work and the $ 50.00 per week charge is no longer necessary.


The Specialized/Thematic Program

Course Type Price
Six hours daily (30 hours per week) Q.1,975.00


The Free Spanish Program

Course Type Price
Course One– Mon-Fri
Two hours daily (10 hours per week)
Course Two– Mon-Fri
Three hours daily (15 hours per week)
Course Three– Week-end
Ten hours daily on Saturday & Sunday (20 hours in total)



Accommodation Type Price
Option One– (Home-stay with family, per week*) Q.400.00
Option Two– (Apartment)
Check prices on recommended Casita TziKin & Bougainvillea Casa.
– – –
Option Three– (Supplement for lunch)
Add to the apartment price the following weekly price for the lunch.
Option Four– (Arrange your own accommodation) – – –

* Note: The price of housing is intended for students of Spanish. After finishing his/her studies, the student must leave the accommodation for other students.

Conditions of Payment

Prices are calculated per week in the local currency (quetzals). Weekly payments are made with the administration the first day of your classes. Payments would be made with the local currency (quetzals) only, cash. We do not accept travellers cheques or credit cards.