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At INEPAS we greatly appreciate all donations that can be given to help our institution and our social projects. Whether they are large or small the amount of the donation isn’t the most important thing, because really it isn’t just about the money (although a dollar can go a long way in Guatemala), it is more about your support, and your involvement toward improving the conditions of everyday life and education in Guatemala. This gives us the energy to work harder towards accomplishing our goals.

If you would like to support us in our social efforts, you can request that your contribution be put towards any of three areas:

  1. A General Donation. These funds are used for the general maintenance and sustainability of the institution. Also, in emergencies, INEPAS can use these funds for families in extreme poverty, who seek our help either socially, legally or medically.
  2. A Donation to sponsor a rural school student. These donations serve to cover the financial needs of rural school students who want to continue their studies, but are unable to do so without the support from an international sponsor. For more information on sponsoring a rural school student go to the Education Support Program page.
  3. A Donation for a specific social project. You can support a specific social project that INEPAS will carry out with your donation.

Once you have decided in which area you want to make your donation, we give you two ways to make the payment, depending on the considered amount and your own preferences:


Just send us an email expressing the desired amount you would like to donate, and we will gladly send you a payment request through Tab.

Transfer commission: 4%.

Wire Transfer

Account Number: 010-491842-1
IBAN: GT37INDL01010000000104918421
15ª Avenida 4-59 Zona 1
09001 Quetzaltenango
Guatemala, C.A.

Bank: Banco Industrial
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

Please fill out the form below, AFTER you have made the transaction.

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Buy a Gift Card

Gift CardThat is to offer to your relatives, friends or acquaintances, you dispose of the possibility of buying Gift Cards which are valid for three years. These Cards are transferable and are valid for our whole offer, including our online courses. They are not refundable. Our offer has a series of five Gift Cards, from GTQ 500 to GTQ 4000, in addition to proposing a customizable option.

Gift cards

We will shortly send you a payment request by email, thank you.
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How to Help Us More?

  1. Using your time and skills to share our advertising posters among your friends, colleagues, fellow students, acquaintances, and/or places you consider appropriate:
  2. – in English: pdf / jpg (2550x5500px) / share from Facebook
    – in French: pdf / jpg (2550x5500px) / share from Facebook
    Do not hesitate to contact us if you want them in other formats or sizes.

  3. Raising funds or donations to benefit INEPAS through different activities. For example, dinners, concerts, sports competitions, talks, painting or photography exhibitions, yoga or dance classes, etc.