Distribution of Funds

INEPAS is an ideologically, politically and economically independent organization. That said, we consider the dialogue with and between other institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations as important if not necessary. This is because we believe that our contribution to the development of Guatemala shouldn’t just be an isolated series of initiatives, but rather it should be a series of co-operative and co-ordinated actions. In this way, INEPAS relies on the recognition of numerous national and international institutions, among which the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) stands out.

We are a solid and innovative organization with a strong philosophy and guiding principles. Our social aid programs are not made for the students: they are made by, for and with the local people. Nevertheless, every student who attends the Spanish School contributes to the maintenance and functioning of INEPAS and the development of its community programs, merely by choosing to study with us.

This is a breakdown of how our income is spent: