Social Support

The Social and Legal Support Program


This program was introduced in 1998 as a result of the social and legal problems observed while working with rural communities. INEPAS found that aside from educational issues, there was also a great need to support families in reducing recurring problems such as domestic violence, alcoholism, lack of self-esteem, abuse of human/employment rights and poor nutrition and hygiene.


The identification of problems which can affect the development of the family and the community. Above all, it is aimed at creating an awareness of the social problems which can be prevented or resolved.

Contents of the Program:

The Social Support Program:

Types of support provided include: identification and recognition of family problems, home visits, individual meetings, community meetings and reconciliatory meetings. Advice workshops have also been given with the aim of promoting women’s rights, basic individual rights and advising on protection against domestic violence. In cases which involve individuals or families in extreme poverty, INEPAS tries to support them in any way it can, by applying for or acquiring aid from public institutions, financing medical costs or consultations at a reduced fee, or by donating basic necessities.

The Legal Support Program:

Advises people in need of legal assistance on how to exercise and defend their rights effectively and fulfil their legal obligations. The cases most frequently dealt with concern domestic violence, often involving people who only speak Quiche (a native Mayan language). INEPAS is able to advise and accompany these people, to ensure they are treated fairly and obtain a proper hearing in a court of law if necessary.